Friday, 20 November 2015

A Superdrug beauty gift guide!


Yes, my gift guide is back! not only am i about to be a good influence on your bank balance but also on your shopping technique!
i got all these gifts for under £17 (  and from the comfort of my own home. this year i have decided to help pamper all the girlies in my family. do some damage limitation on your christmas spending this year by creating little gift bags full of big suprises! this i think is also a great personal touch as you can tailor your own gifts to each individual person, sometimes i find the pre-made gifts are full of stuff which is pretty much useless! its easier this way to target the whole face and body rather than buying a gift set just for hands and feet, or just for the face.
i mean whats a girl gonna do with 3 body lotions?!!?
i love to use my stuff straight away and as they say, variety is the spice of life <3

the trick is not to get everything the same, as you can see i got 3 masks which are the same but then with the hand creams i have differed the brand...hooray for brand snobs! makes my christmas shop much easier haha the wipes were on offer BOGOF, so i saved myself £1 may laugh BUT in the long run the pennies and pounds look after themselves.
my favourite buy has to be the bubble baths i really adore the 'i love...' brand and i picked up or shall i say i put into my imaginary cart  these bad boys for £2.50!! so i unpacked it and seperated them and i will divide them so each person as 2 each and i can also give them the smells that i think they will appreciate :) im going to link them all below so just click on the link and hurry cos most of these items were in the SALE!!

Face masks

B Pure face wipes 
£1 (bogof)

Little bag of love

B+H gift  set
£5 WAS £10

Pink lip balm 
Original lip balm

Garnier hand cream
£1.59 WAS £3.29

Hand cream

What are your gift ideas for christmas?

much love,