Tuesday, 24 November 2015

#MAKEUP | Going back to the 50's!

wigs are a thing now, right? no no, they have always been a thing! for as long as i can remember i have loved wigs, i mean a different colour and style at no cost of ruining your own hair is genius! im a total 50's babe and love this style of hair which all the stars wore in hollywood in the good ol' 50's. it looks so glamourous but to actually obtain this style which is done through pin curls is a task and a half! for thos of us who have dead straight hair it is even more of a task! a whole can of mousse and hairspray later my pin curls are done, but they dont ever look as bouncy and glossy as this. so i decided to ditch the not so glamour side of pin curling and get a wig! this is in the style "bettie" from annabelleswigs.co.uk 
i also went for a bit of a colour change and went black. 

what do you guys think, do i suit black??
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much love,