Monday, 16 November 2015

LUSH loving & blogging antics

its been a few days since i last posted, for some reason though it feels like forever. i have had so many thoughts over the past couple of days about my blog and how i can imrpove it and make it better overall. although i see blogging as a mini project or even a hobby, i want it to be the best it can be and by that i mean for my readers. i want to be able to interact with my readers more and be able to post more quality content rather than rushing blog posts and the content not being as helpful or valuable to my readers. so please do bare with me if my posts are few and far between, but i think its time i layed the foundations for my blog.

anywayyy, back to todays post! LUSH is one of my all time fave shops to visit - i say visit as sometimes i just like to pop in even if im not intending to buy anything. you walk in and you can see all the beautiful soaps, bath bombs and lotions all layed out. wishing i had unlimited money so i can treat myself and my gal pays to some serious skin TLC! even just to touch and smell the creams i find it such a fun experience >.<

i ended up getting treated myself and i got this "hello gorgeous" box as a gift. i loved the packaging so it really did catch my eye, looking so quaint next to all the other big colourful boxes i had to give her a home. ( i have a video on my youtube channel if you would like to see me talking and showing the products

it contains -
2 bath bombs/bath bar
body lotion
shower scrub
face moisturiser 

im a big lover of bath bombs, i know there a other people who prefer the creams or soaps over bath bombs and so on.  but i tend to go for bath bombs more than anything cos i love laying in a bath all mermaid-y and glittery coloured :) 

the bath bomb (not pictured here- sorry guys, i couldnt wait to use it :) bad blogging on my behalf haha) SAKURA was pinky in colour but when i put it in the bath i was pretty saddened that it didnt turn the water a bright pink or any colour for that matter! i think it redeemed itself though cos it did smell gorgeous and it lasted on my skin for a few days.

the bath bar which is the pink one, kinda crumbles in the bath and i think you can kinda use it as a soap. it turned my batha beautiful deep pink and i was so impressed! so chuffed sitting in my pink bubble bath! 

the moisturiser and body lotion as equally as good, the moisturiser has a really zingy affect which helps you feel refreshed and the lotion is vanilla based and makes your skin super smoooooth.

the scrub is probably my second favourite after the bath bombs cos it smells really beautiful, like the ocean and makes you feel cleansed and at one with nature, like a water baby..cos lets face it we all want to be a water baby..i didnt actually realise you could put this in your hair and i have used it since and still forgot..thats my absent mindedness for ya!

what are some of your favourite products from LUSH!?

any recommendations??

much love,