Tuesday, 28 February 2017

#MAKEUP | Spring Makeup w/ TECHNIC

Technic is one brand i love because they are super affordable and pretty damn decent.
The colours of the eyeshadows really scream spring to me, they are not your typical pastel spring colours but they are shimmery and natural. A few of the colours are actually pretty good to use as just highlighters! 

I tried out the chunky liner which i hadnt used before and i am such a big fan of felt tip liners anyway as they are soooo soo easy to apply, even for people who struggle with eyeliner. So i loved the way it applied and the colour was really black and not faded at all. I dont think it lasts as long as other eyeliner products but i still think its great to have in your bag if it needs to be topped up :)

The best thing about this bundle for me are the lipsticks! I love the neutral/spring-y tones but also the fact that they are a matte finish <3

You can find Technic cosmetics at :