Tuesday, 28 February 2017

#BEAUTY | MY favourite lashes....like ever!

Yesss i am a lash addict...even if im not wearing them i am hoarding them. Here are a few of my faves, most of them will be wispy, invisi band lashes with the odd OTT lashes as i do like my lashes to look as real as possible.

Huda Beauty :

Scarlett lash - h'omg, these lashes are the ultimate out there lash. They really give me the
old hollywood glamour feels and really make your eyes pop. I love these as a high end,
luxury lash as they are very pricey!! But 100% worth it.

Lash Unlimited :
DBL range - i always loved the original range from this brand  the #7 and #9 are so so pretty
so when they brought out the DBL range i was really blown
away, the lashes are more thicker and have like a double
layer and some of the styles remind me of the lilly ghalichi lashes!
These lashes are great quality for the low price!

Nouveau Lashes :
Natural/ Style 3 - Being a member of the #LashGang makes me a little biased here! Well, i say that but im not really because i genuinely do love the lashes haha the close up
photo is my FAVE ever style from the range, they are so pretty and sit so comfortably
on the lash line.

Henna Kaan :
Selena lash - the purple/gold box is the Selena lash from the range at Henna Kaan, and
these lashes are gorgeous! They are those type of lashes that make a statement but in
a subtle way, and when i wear them i get so many compliments. I have added a photo of me wearing them so you can see!

 A few of my other favourite lashes include :
Demi Wispies - Ardell Lashes
Accents - Ardell
Red Cherry lashes
Eylure lashes

What are your faves?!