Saturday, 11 February 2017

#MAKEUP | Nars sheer glow foundation review - shade punjab

 Foundation is probably the bane of my trying to find the corect shade is daunting. 
The "will it match my colour?"
"is it really full coverage?"
"will it be cakey?"
no matter how many reviews i read on foundations i still struggle with making that final decision.
But you are here today because i made the decision, YAY me!
NARS foundation is the one i have ALWAYS always always wanted to try out as the reviews always seemed amazing. It has aways been between MAC or NARS but i had used MAC before and i knew how thick it was and i couldnt wear that on my face for long periods.
Soooo, i watched so many reviews of the NARS foundation just to get my right shade cos the photos of swatches seem to differ somewhat in person! Thanks to Shaaanxo i decided on the shade punjab and i made the plunge to buy it.
Long story short, it was a good match and now we live happily ever after.

The packaging is to die for, again you should know by now about my intense love for makeup packaging aha.
 I got my NARS sheer glow foundation from ASOS and it retails at £31, which i think is worth every penny. 
Not only is it good coverage, for the best coverage i would say to do 2 layers, bu the biggest biggest yes for me is that it literally and i mean no joke literally feels like you dont have foundation on your skin. With the MAC studio fix for example it is very thick and you can feel it sitting on your face. This is the total opposite.

Im not sure on the undertones of this but it doesnt have that orange tinge to it which a lot of foundations do. It just looks like a skin colour.
It lasts for a good few solid hours and i couldnt be happier with it.

I did swatch it on my hand which is hard to see (thats a good thing though) as it is a good match for me. I bought mine here from ASOS 

My advice if you are buying a shade online but are unsure is to watch a load of youtube reviews or read blog reviews and then go from there :)

what other foundations would you