Thursday, 23 February 2017

#BEAUTY | A real sunkissed look with a fake tan!

faking my tan until summer, because #britishproblems... we all know what the weather here is like right about now. Normally i stick to my usual tan (review here) and find it hard to venture away from that, cos if it works then why change?

But that has all  changed as i dont see the harm in trying out different products, just in case they look and feel better :)

I got this Norvell Tanning bundle to try out , a brand i had never heard of before this but i noticed on their website that they have a range for Strictly Come Dancing. The tans that the dancers have on there are always so flawless.

I got a PRIME , TAN and ENHANCE product.

So before i started my tan i used the exmitt, to exfoliate and get all the dead skin off. Probably my favourite part cos my skin always feels brand new after. The exmitt is simply a mitt with product on that you just massage across your body or the bits where you want to tan. It smelled really really nice! It wasnt as rough as using an acutal exfoliater cream.

Was my tan more even after using the mitt?
Short answer. Yes.
As the mitt removed the dead skin cells it gave me a perfect smooth layer to work with.

How was the tanning itself?

Well, here is where it gets interesting haha. I have previously used a mousse and cream tan but never an aerosole spray. Sooo it was kinda like getting a spray tan but doing it yourself, a little harder than i imagined. Thats why some parts of my arms are a bit darker than the rest haha! But after i did it a few times i got used to it and actually enjoyed doing it.

It was a hella lot quicker than using a foam based tan and a mitt. It also air dried very quickly and didnt leave me feeling sticky at all!!
It smelled gorgeous too, a very tropical scent.

The tan colour is actually a deep bronze and isnt orange at all it looks the most natural tan ever. Like you have really been on holiday. I honestly wasnt sure about it at first but now im a little bit too excited about it!!

How long does it last?
The first tan i did which probably took less than 10 minutes to apply has lasted on its own for at least 5 days but that is 5 days of looking like it had freshly been applied. I am also sure it gets darker as the days go by so you dont really need to top it up...either that or thats what the enhance cream did?! which im pretty sure it did aha
 so i left it for a few days without appling the cream then i applied the cream thats what made it last longer.
You can use the enhance cream after you have used a tanner to extend the tan or on its own to develop a subtle tan. The bottle says it takes 2-3 hours to develop but the full colour comes out in 8 hours. So remember not to over do it lol!

Overall i would rate it

I think i will get the face tan cream as i know from experience using a body tanner on the face does not go down well!

Leave me comments of your fave tanning brands :D

Im going to add some before and after photos on my socials as the lighting hasnt been great for me to capture the true results.