Thursday, 15 October 2015

Regression | Film review

Nachos covered in cheese, dipped in salsa and a large refreshingly cold pepsi in hand. This is basically how most of my cinema expirences start #foodfirst!

It is only recently that me and my partner in crime have been frequenting the cinema a lot, due to the 2 for £12 deal, cos until then it costs about £40 including food and drink just to see a film in a cinema?!?!? No way josey! Now that those offers are coming to an end the only option is to go cinema on Monday (off peak = around £6 each) or to get a £16 a month unlimited movie card over at Cineworld. It is a great deal, but cinema showings can be quite a hit and miss.

I have decided to share my reviews on my blog just because i love film and i love to share the expereince and chat about what i have just seen! So, now i need to back date to the movies i have seen and let you know what i think, where to start...LEGEND, The martian, Sicario, Regression, No escape...

I think i will get this underway with Regression as it was only the other day i saw this! Im not going to write out the plot for two reasons, i dont want to be a spoiler & well, im not bloody wikipedia! haha
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This wasnt really one of those films we had planned to see, more of a "lets go cinema" moments where you pick a half hearted film you wouldnt mind seeing. We saw the trailer and it looked pretty decent, seeing as it was a thriller, one of my fave genres! hehe

I was expecting more from Emma Watson as this is the only other role i have seen her in apart from that im sure, but to be fair she reminded me of  Miss Grainger a lot and the role she played was very unforgetfull. I didnt really think she played a big part even though she was one of the main characters. At one point i thought i was going to turn in to a satanist with all the devil worshipping and creepy cult things the characters did! I mean, im not one for grusome horror or cult shiz and there was a lot in this film and if it wasnt for the twist ending then i would of had nightmares!

It wasnt that memorable as an overall film, maybe just the white painted faces and black capes...but that is remembering it for all the wrong reasons ha

♥ Overall rating - 5/10 ♥
If you have seen the film leave me a comment of what you thought!!