Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Magnitone x Beauty expert

Beauty Expert is vastly becoming my go to place for all things beauty and skin care, so you can imagine how delighted i was when i was able to collaborate with them and let you know my results with the Lucid Magnitone cleanser and exfoliating brush! (linked item is similar to the one i have, not the exact one - exact one in pink HERE ) NOW, this bad boy is something i have been dying to try since foreverrrrr!!
The day the Magnitone arrived i was sooo happy and was showing my mum the product, giving her a little tutorial of how it works even though i hadnt even read the instructions and just made out i knew! Then it dawned on me, i really am walking the footsteps of my mum! Not only this but everything beauty or skin care related she yaps at me " oooo, i had one of those years ago"and gives me all her advice haha

The brush is super cute as it is travel size so this guy is gonna be coming with me everywhere. I have used my magnitone 3 times since i recieved it and i personally find it easier to use in the bath when im soaking and winding down. Of course it is perfect to use in the morning as its quick and handy. You can use any kind of face wash, cleanser etc. The ones i use are the bliss fabulous foaming face wash
 and the codage scrubbing cream (read my in depth review of these items HERE) the face wash is great to cleanse and wash the skin and the scrubbing cream is amazing for a deeper cleanse as it has the exfoliating balls, so with the magnitone i feel like it gets into my skin deeper and really cleans it!

After every use my face has felt refreshed and feeling cleaner than if i just use a flannel and lets face it, its lets work ;) the brush is doing all the leg work with its gentle vibrating of the skin. I hope my photo of my bare skin (eep!) really shows how wonderfully clean it leaves the skin. I have no makeup or products on my skin here and the photo was taken about 15 minutes after i used my magnitone.
Its all about the ease of use, im a pretty busy gal and its sooo nice to be able to have something that works well on my skin and is quick.
Beauty expert are so brilliant for offers and discount codes and sales!! Even right now the magnitone is on sale for £60.00 !!

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