Saturday, 24 October 2015

LAMODA & those IT girl boots!

This week i gladly stumbled upon an email from (one of my fave up and coming brands right now!!) seeing if i would like to collaborate and review my shopping experience with took a lot of strength for me to say yes! NOTTTT! I jumped at the chance. So basically i picked these 3 items -

It actually took me over 40 minutes to make a final choice on what to buy haha. I love literally all the shoes and boots, i am currently eyeing up these bad boys ..BLOW YA MIND BERRY BOOT and these shoes i have had a place in my heart ever since i saw them BAD TO THE BONE GREY . To me though the 40 or so minutes i spent looking didnt seem like a chore, as i t can with some sites. I find LAMODA to be so pretty to the eye and easy to navigate around, it does make that shopping experience all the more pleasurable. 

I did unbox the package this morning on my snapchat - @ sarahlcx - add me if you want to see me open parcels haha! and of course catch up with my latest antics, makeup tips, outfits! 
I ordered my items on Thursday and it arrived this morning! It estimated delivery between 3-5 days so i was super amazed when i got it today, as i thought i would have to wait til Monday ( i cant bare waiting for parcels i really want!!!)
 The box was in this beautiful LAMODA shoe bag, which im keeping safe as i know if will come in handy! I love how sweet LAMODA are, the free sweeties and stickers always make my day ha little gestures are the greatest after all ♥ 

With stickers that say
 (imma start singing Fetty Wap.".babygirl you so dam fine tho")

The IT girl boots!! i always scream in my head when i see or think of these lol i dont know what it is about these boots but im HOOKED on them. they remind me so much of something that king kylie would wear ♥_♥ they are soooooooooooo comfy, i had to try them on hehe and they seem so hardy and strong like theycan compete with all weathers! Statement boots for A/W ! I cant wait to style these babies up with an outfit and i will do so in a seperate post cos i just wanted to get this up for you guys!!

the FOXXY glasses are me in glasses form lol i have a ridiculous amount of sunnies which i ought to do a post on ?!! these 70's/ hippy style glasses are perfff and remind me of a character J-Law played in a film im sure it was American Hustle? The glasses protective case is cute and im 100% keeping that to keep them scratch free in my bag!

OKKK so this chocker has caused some funny jokes in my household, i need the laughing/ crying emoji right here LOL with my mum and boyfriend asking me if it is some kind of S&M toy to attach a leash too !! hahaha to me it is a chocker that is just so on trend and i love it! I 'll be wearing that baby with pride and maybe fending off the odd looks lol.

You also get a  10% discount code for your next purchases 
see you soon LAMODA ♥


Much love,


**all views are my OWN**