Saturday, 17 October 2015


Right now im in some sort of blogging limbo, maybe its just me, but im pretty much a perfectionist and im not always 100% happy with how my photos come out. These are a prime example of this and i have a hard time with it, a lot of back and forth wether to post them or not. BUT its like i see an outfit i love and i really want to post it and i just get so so motivated from looking at other bloggers, scrolling through instagram and in general life and i think to myself "to hell with it" i want to post my outfit and blog about it! So its kinda like do i not blog at all (nooo, i love blogging!) or do i wait until i can do location shoots, or have a better camera?!!
My blog for me is also like a personal diary and a progression journel so maybe in a couple of months i may improve leaps and bounds and the fact of it is, if i didnt have the posts here that im not overly in love with how can i measure if i have improved or not?

Boots - Public Desire 
Top - Primark ( similar here)
Skirt - Vintage (similar here)
Scarf - Vintage