Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Natural & Vegan Pin up Cosmetics ♥

S A L U T E,

Where do i begin on this post! I literally love everything about this post...VEGAN, PIN- UP, NATURAL, LIPGLOSS. What more could a girl want huh?!


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Not only does it tick the box of being cosmetics with a retro flair but it is vegan and homemade!
The fact that all you beautiful vegans out there can use these products thrills me as the pin up/retro cosmetics are a rare breed as is!

I could talk all day about my love for all things retro and pin up and A L L the wonderful products the company has to offer from lavender vegan hair elixer, vegan eyeshadow in Art Deco (even the names are dreamy ♥_♥) to rose face and body cleanser but i want Y O U  to check it all out for yourself via the link up there! 

I am going to tell you about the products i have which are

The lovely retro look these lipgloss' mean they belong in your cute retro handbag! 
Just because of the natural ingredients in these lipgloss' alone i feel more radient and fresh.

The clear lipgloss has jojoba && peppermint in which freshens up the lips straight away with addeing the look of plumpness. I will wear this just on a daily basis to keep my lips moist and less likely to crack but also over my lipgloss when im going for that Marilyn Monroe glossy look!

had to add the retro glasses!

Not that i want to pick favourites but ...just the ingredients alone in the pink balm is enough to sway me. The feel of this on my lips makes me want to eat them lol... it is that scrummie i promise. Im believing it is the beeswax! It also includes olive fruit oil and natural minerals ♥ The slight shimmer adds a lovely natural pink lip, ready for any lunchtime tea or for a sultry look for date night!

p.s. stay juicy and plumped up with these lipglosses
&& be sure to check out the other dreamy vegan products!


Eyelashes - Red Cherry WSP