Saturday, 7 February 2015

False eyelashes that feel REAL! XOXO


YES YES YES false lashes can feel real and look real!
I recently recieved some wonderful lashes from a equally wonderful company, i say recent because i received them today!

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I stumbled upon this company when i was searching for those perfect lashes and they was kind enough to send me a couple of pairs to review. I really do not know how i never found them before but now i know i wont be ordering my lashes from anywhere else but here!!

Not only are the people who deal with customer service so so pleasent and helpful, the site is easy to use, attractive and the STOCK!! THERE IS TONS .......& may i add lots of my (and im sure yours too) favourite lash brands.

100's and 100's of lashes!!

Some of their stock includes:
Red Cherry 

                            ♥ The prices and quick delivery are just as dreamy as the lashes ♥

The eyelashes i fell for and tried out were -
                                                  Red Cherry lashes style #WSP (wispy) - click the link to buy!
                                                  Ardell Accent lashes 318 Black - click the link to buy!

I took a few pictures of the lashes and of them on and the best thing is i dont have to just wear them once and in the same style! The Red Cherry lashes actually remind me of the 60's style lash of which i would love to team with these bottom lashes to give a look like Twiggy! The ardell accent lashes are gorgeous and add an extra bit of fullness, both lashes sat comfortably on my lash line and felt like my natural lashes!

A R D E L L  A C C E N T  L A S H E S 

R E D  C H E R R Y  L A S H E S 

I added a red lip just for versatility!

My thanks again to 

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