Thursday, 26 February 2015

B R I G H T O N ! ♥

 G O O D  D A Y!

I have been away for a few days because i went to BRIGHTON! I want to share some photos, which i dont think do this wondeful city any justice at all! I didnt have any clue what to expect when i went there but today (my last day there)i am so so sad to of left :(
I envy all you beach dwellers who get to live by the beautiful sea and get stroll along the pier anytime you like. It was such a relaxing, chilled area where life was really lived and everyone was polite and happy. The variety of shops was just mind blowing, commercial shops, millions of food shops, quirky vintage shops down the lanes and plenty of cafes along the beach front. I cannot fault it at all and i am already planning a trip back! The weather did come out for me on 2 of the days but i would just love to see Brighton in all its glory in the heart of summer! I advise anyone who is looking for a costal get away/ short break to visit Brighton!!

BEWARE - loads of phots-
May be slow to load :) sorrrryy

 S E A  L I F E
I also visited Sea Life which had the most beautiful turtles!!I was so excited to see all the creatures and i even got to touch a starfish and sea creatures!!! (OMG) was just like being a little kid again :) 

M U S E U M S 
Okay, i was pretty busy and managed to fit in to going to 2 museums. The fishing museum which is on the beach front was pretty small and had lots of fishing memorobillia (not really my thing but worth a look) the other one i visited was at the Pavillion and had some egyption artifacts, new and old design, brighton artifacts and gallery.

elvis turned up....