Saturday, 21 February 2015

GRWM -Sandy at Thunder Road xoxo

G O O D M O R R O W,

I did intend to do a full get ready with me video of how i did my make up BUT i lost the first part *sad face*. I still have the lips, hair and clothes though lol and im sure we can work with that! The  video will be posted on my channel but i have some stillS of the look! I mean, i could hardly be a Sandy with my hair colour anyway so i think i ended up looking like Rita Hayworth?! I decided i could be Marty...but anywho i had the Grease style in mind with this outfit!
My lipstick is MUA £1 lipstick (video on my YouTube about these lipsticks)
The gloss is a vegan lipgloss from - Pin up Cosmetics (my post about it here)
The skirt is from Forever 21
The shirt is from Primark
Sliders from Public Desire 

 The video will be live on my Youtube channel soon! 
Keep your eyes open :-)