Saturday, 1 April 2017

#SKINCARE | REN clarimatte range review for oily/combi skin

 Hi guys! I got around to writing this post after I promised it a while back, but I had to be sure of what results I got before I recommended or said no to buying. I'm actually using my new laptop for the first time and the keyboard on this makes it so much easier :) happy Sarah haha.
More news before I get on to this post, who has seen the blogger's essentials box from Dot Creates?!
I am the biggest stationary lover and everything in the box looks amazing.

 Back to the REN post!
I haven't previously used any REN products, so for me this was such a gamble. Tbh I hadn't really heard too much about REN but the 2 things I did like when I read more about them is 1. They are vegan friendly (aside from about 6 products) and 2. They do no test on animals. One of my things at the moment is buying makeup and skin care products that do not test on animals, so what a big plus that is.
I bought this clarimatte pack as my skin tends to be oily/combo and it retails
at £15.

Detox Mask
The mask was the first thing I used and I had an amazing picture in my head of the mask being like the charcoal mask and pulling out all the dirt. Soo it wasn't at all like that, I put it on my skin and left it to dry out for a bit , once I was ready to take it off I used a warm flannel. My skin was quite red underneath, I guess it was due to the rubbing of the flannel which caused blood cells to rush to the surface but I don't feel like my skin was deep cleaned like I would of expected this mask to do. I'm thinking of trying a different mask from another range maybe?
 T-Zone balancing gel

This gel was probably my favourite from the bunch, if anything I felt it helped to control the oil on my face. I had a theory that as it is more of a gel texture than a cream that's why it wasn't sitting on my skin like some creams can do. So if anything I would recommend this product if you suffer from oily skin.

T-Zone cleansing gel

I used the cleanser a couple of times before I realised that it was making me breakout a lot, in truth that's a good thing as it is making all the dirt and bad toxins rise to the surface but then I was stuck with bad skin for a while. My skin did feel fresh and clean after I used it but now I want to try some other ranges too to see what effect they have.

Any recommendations?


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