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My love affair with Mad Men

I haven't been doing much lately, apart from Netflix-and-chillin with Mad Men. It has recently been added to Netflix so I took the opportunity to start watching it. I know it came out in 2007-2008, and when it came out I was probably too busy with my school work so by the time I was going to start watching it it was already on its 4th season, and lets be honest what kind of monster starts watching a series from the 4th season?!
The perfect excuse to binge watch had arisen and I took full advantage. Since the day I started approx. 2 weeks ago, I haven’t been the same since. See, I made this pact with my mum (as she started watching from the second episode and took a fancy to the series also) that I wouldn’t watch it without her. Our work patterns kind of conflict some days so when I have my day off it’s so hard for me to resist watching the next episode. I think I have withdrawal symptoms. I just want to know what is going on in these people’s lives, I think I know more about them than my real-life friends. The pain is causes me to think if Don is once again doing the dirty on Megan.. the wife that is just so perfect for him.
This show has spurned emotions in me. I get sad when Sally gets treated bad by ummm…literally everyone!! Give the poor girl a break, I mean if she isn’t getting an earful from Betty Draper (bring back season 3 Betty!! What the f happened to her) it’s her grandmother in law or her dad. I just get the urge to call her up and say “its gonna be okay Sally” and give her a hug that she needs.
Im on season 6 now and to be honest, I don’t know how much more I can take. Season 3-4 to the beginning of season 5 was the best for me and now its taking a huge downhill. I loved Betty and Don together because she was the beautiful girl next door and THOSE outfits, THAT hair…god somebody give me that wardrobe. The envy I have for her style is immense, I want to look like her. But in reality, I didn’t love them to together as they didn’t work in real life, only on paper. I couldn’t take all of Don’s cheating, I mean I felt like he was doing it to me. But now he has really done it, cheating on Betty is one thing; she cheated on him even though 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Cheating on innocent, fun loving Megan is just about as much as my weak heart can take. I finally thought Don had met his soulmate and Megan had changed the old Don, how could he be so wonderful through the whole of Season 5 and then in Season 6 Linda Cardellini waltz’ in and corrupts him again. And it’s hard for me because I loved Linda Cardellini in freaks and geeks, why do this to ya girllll!?
Aside from all the goings on with Don, the whole office dynamic is interesting. My time is greatly invested in the lives of Roger, Peggy, Pete and Joanie. What an interesting bunch. What an interesting yet slightly revolting time was the 60’s. I couldn’t deal with the dirty old men trying to cop a feel every 5 minutes but it’s fascinating to watch to see how far we have come as a society. I’m a lover of the 50’s and 60’s from the music, style, art and interior so I’m just away in a dreamland most of the show.
 Oh, and of course it centres around advertising. A subject I am intrigued by and as it is in the 60’s I like seeing how certain aspects limit them and the obstacles they had to overcome. Peggy Olson is the ultimate girl boss in the show and is something of an inspiration.
I haven’t really stopped shouting and gasping at the TV since I started the show and I’m glad I waited until now to finally watch the show because I understand it a whole lot more than I would of it I watched it way back when.
I had to write a piece on the show because I’m in love with it. It’s that simple.
P.s. what am I going to do when the show is over?!?!?!?!?!!


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