Saturday, 5 August 2017

#REVIEW | Nature's Sunshine mini haul

Hey guys!
I got sent these vitamins/tablets & cream from Natures Sunshine a few weeks ago, let me tell you how I got on.
I picked Papaya Mint Chewable tablets, High Potency Garlic tablets and Tei - Fu massage lotion.
My favourite one out of them all was probably the Papaya Mint Chewable tablets! They were super easy to take, just pop them in your mouth and chew. They didn't have a yucky taste either, they smelt very strongly of mint, the chewing gum type of mint :) 
They are good for the digestive system, and can also be used to freshen breath between meals!

The high potency garlic are to help the immune system, as I have read before garlic is good to help keep colds away. As it has a special coating to contain the garlic smell it is a lot easier to take, and to me I love pure garlic anyway but I really couldn't smell a strong odour. I'm not 100% if they have worked, I mean I'm sure I will take them a lot more in the coming months as it will be winter/flu season! I mean I would rather reach for these than I would medication. 

Lastly, I tried the Tei- Fu cream, of which I would probably compare to tiger balm or those medicated creams like I-believe or voltoral. It had a strong smell of Vicks, so as well as helping aches and pains it opens up the nasal areas!! My mum really loved this when she used it, as she is used to the odd aches and pains! Its definitely worth it if you are a bit weary of using medication and want to try this natural product out before you try medicating! Its not greasy and leaves the skin quite smooth :)

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