Thursday, 10 August 2017

#FOOD + DRINK | The Piano Works bar/restaurant review (Farringdon)

On Friday I had the pleasure of being invited to enjoy a 3 course meal (feeling like Belle from Beauty and the Beast) and some cheeky cocktails at the Piano Works which is situated in Farringdon, London. I was also allowed to bring a guest with me so of course I bought along my mum :) 

Before I go most places I like to do a little snooping and research to know what I'm letting myself in for aha so I pretty much picked out my cocktails and food out before hand and had the excitement of finding out whether they lived up to the expectations I created in my head!

On arrival I was excited and intrigued to find out that the venue was actually downstairs in a type of basement area, meaning it was very cosy! It was dimly lit with low lighting with purple hues and tables with lamps which gave off all the chilled vibes. With the band area in the middle of the room, a bar at one end and tables dotted around.
Listening to the singers play the piano and sing songs like Drake's Hotline bling with its own twist whilst we was seated was just really cool. Drake fan gurrl right hurrr...

I swiftly ordered my cocktail and it had to be RUM PUNCH, boy was it was so refreshing, fruity and beautiful presented. Sipping on my rum punch whilst bopping along to the live music, basking in the hustle and bustle of the place ..thinking about good times and food :) 

I feel like I have to warn you that the images you are about to see will induce food thoughts for the rest of the day and will make you want to eat!

Look at my Bruschetta looking like a piece of art <3 I cant even really pinpoint what ingredients was on this, I'm going to tell you though it was a match made in heaven. There was small hints of spice, citrus but also sweetness. I could eat this for the rest of my days.  

With my main course it was all about the #sweetpotatofries...the waitress actually recommended them as they go really well with the chicken and boy was she right. Full of flavour, they complimented the chicken which was seasoned just right and cooked to perfection. It was during this time I had to pull out those song request napkins and request a bit of MJ "Human Nature" #kinging 

Now, the crucial part. The dessert. The make or break. This is it.
I am definitely a give me all the cake kinda gal, and my did they give me all the cake. I was surprised at the size of cake that appeared before me, the photo does no justice and I'm still waiting for smell-o-vision, taste-o-through-the-interweb to happen. Succulent, sweet and choccy.... ahhh 

The food quality was so much more than I could of ever expected and I was so happily surprised how good it was. The whole ambience of the venue was spot on. #chilled #cool #friendly 
Its a great venue for the food and a sit down meal, but also for a big party of friends to spend the evening as the music is LIVE and fab, perfect for a boogie.

My verdict:

Food 5/5
Ambience 5/5
Service 5/5

Price : £
(well in budget for the quality) 

Location - 113-117 Farringdon Road, Corner of Ray Street, Farringdon, London



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