Friday, 9 September 2016

#MAKEUP | Highlighter dupes + One branded makeup haul

 Say hello to Technic, a sassy, sweet, on trend, on budget makeup brand!
I would probably say the brand is similar to the likes of MUA or Makeup Revolution from the high street stores but these products i have had the pleasure of reviewing are great in quality! 
Every product differs, so maybe a shadow palette from MUA may not be as pigmented but their lipstick may have a longer lasting power, its always about finding the right medium with different brands and then sticking to it. I always like to remember that jsut because a price is really high or really low it doesnt mean that the quality is going to be amazing or trashy. 

But im actually really impressed with some of the items and their quality and the one that stands out to me is the highlighters! one of my fave ever makeup products! anyway let me talk through some of the items below and if you would like to purchase any you can visit here :

the prices are so low and reasonable!

 Im not a huge user of colour corrector items but i know they can come in handy if you are a MUA, or do a lot of your friends/families makeup. It has a wide range of colours to conceal blemishes, hide red/blue/yellow undertones and also has a highlighting and contour colour.
The consistancy of these are very creamy, of which i was suprised as i was expecting it to be more drying, as most sort of budget palettes like these are.
Just look at that highlight shade though!!
 As i mentioned before there are a few similarities with the brand Makeup Revolution, and this highlighter is similiar in regards to shape, pigment and colour. Its a bright highlighter and shows up well! The blushes are very very pigmented so make sure you tap your brush off before you apply! haha i love the shade range, you get 3 shades for the price of one :)
 my love <3_<3
oh my.
give me a moment.
This is a beauty!
Similar to the Sleek's solstice palette! And i actually think the second colour you can see on my arm which is the first colour in the kit looks like the colour from the ABH moonchild highlighting palette!!! I think it may be lucky clover or something?! anyway, it has such a pink/purple reflective tone to it and i am in love with it. i havent found a highlighter like this on the high street for such a decent price...the other colours are very pigmented too. The 2 left colours are a cream format and the other 2 are a powder. It really pops in person, its a must buy!

This eyeshadow kit im also impressed with due to the pigment of the has i think 4 shimmer shades which i swatched nearest to my hand and they are just fab! The most perfect brown/cream tones. Also it has some bright blues and purple tones which are amazing to create some evening looks :) 

I hope you loved the products as much as i did! I now have my very own favourite highlighting kit hehe


*PR samples - all my own opinions*