Saturday, 17 September 2016

#BEAUTY | A magical dry brush makeup remover


Shadow Switch is a new handy makeup remover for the tools you use on a daily basis! Whether its just a brush for a dab of blush or a few different brushes for the crease, lid and brow bone. We all use brushes and most of us dont clean them that often.....*guilty* i tend to dab my brush into various eyeshadow shades..sometimes mixing them and transferring a colour i dont want! This little pot called Shadow Switch is great for cleaning brushes dry, so you dont have to wet the brushes and wait for them to dry! I myself hate doing the monthly washing of my brushes and i have seen so many makeup memes about washing brushes haha! 
All you have to do is twist the brush in a clockwise motion a couple of times and the brush is a lot cleaner than it was before, now im not saying that its a thourough clean and there are no germs.. its just so that the colour of the makeup is now off of the brush :) these are avaliable to buy at Amazon for now here
before the official site is launched. It is sold by the brand Beauty Essentials, be sure to check out them out on their socials!

p.s. this is also washable and re-usable! 

what do you think of the concept?