Monday, 16 May 2016

#REVIEW | Oil pulling with Oshun White

I have been oil pulling again, aren't i always?! this time is is with Oshun White!
Although you may think all oil pulling is the same, this brand has something a little different. Instead of plain oil or just minty flavour oil they also have other flavours! They include
Wild cherry
Crushed Lime 

I have been using the wild cherry flavour & it is super tasty that i have to really persaude myself not to eat it :D haha!
Would i be crazy to carry some sachets in my handbag, oil pulling on the go? haha *control yourself Sarah*

If you subscribe to OSHUN white you lucky little thing, you will recieve a copper tongue cleaner. I just feel like my one is too beatiful to use haha how can i see the beauty in a tongue cleaner :D 

Aside from all the good things about the product, the packaging i also LOVE. Seeing as im always forgetting things and my mind seems to be a big jumble im so happy with the fact the box comes with the days of the week on. A lot easier to remember to take a sachet! Must be a mind thing.
The colours are also vivid and tie in with the flavour!
These are certaintly a must buy! 


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