Thursday, 1 March 2018

#OOTD | Seeing red with this Nasty Gal jumpsuit

Long time, no speak. Isn't that how every conversation starts once you're an adult? So funny how as a teen you are so oblivious to the fact of what life is and want to grow up in a hurry! I have been MIA on my blog and I must admit it has been bothering me, I have felt uninspired of recent and don't want to blog for the sake of it. Not only do I blame the weather (thanks for the dry skin!) but also side projects, as well as life events.

I'm currently in the midst of setting something up, of which I don't want to be more specific yet as its in its early stages but I do hope once it gets going I have all your support :) #girlboss 
my focus is currently on that, but never far away from blogging, makeup, creating, youtube and everything in between. 

I shall be back with a bad gal bang, seeing as I am testing out the benefit newbie I thought that was quite fitting mwahha I also have some new makeup and skincare of which I am testing out before I give a review annndddd waiting for some good good weather to shoot some o-o-t-d's cos I love creating them. But for now, I'm going to post some photos of a shoot I did a few weeks ago which was my birthday outfit :) I went ga ga for it as soon as I saw it and I got it in a size 8 as I find nasty gal sizes come up quite big.

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NASTY GAL jumpsuit -
Red Suede bag -



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