Friday, 19 June 2015

BEAUTY | Treat your face..

Once again i have been lucky enough to recieve goodies by my all time favourite Pin Up Cosmetics! It''s all about your face in this post, from keeping it clean to getting a radient healthly glow.

I recieved some cleansing grains , of course vegan! Which include the following ingredients - 

lavender flower
peppermint leaf
kaolin clay
Kaolin is great for oily skin and i used to use kaolin masks at beauty college and it did wonders for my oily T-zone!
 Im loving this product as the grains make my face so smooooth and exfoliates away all my dead skin cells

Vegan Cleansing Grains 

My go to product of the moment though has to be this serum!! It is a lavender and grapefruit vegan skin serum and i just cannot get enough. I put it on near enough everyday and i leaves my face so so soft and it also makes me smell so nice throughout the whole day! It has such a powerful scent it could double up as a perfume. The best thing about this serum is how it makes my skin look so radient and healthy, it gives it such a nice shine but not a greasy shine at all. It makes my skin feel refreshed on the inside too. Cannot recommend this enough.
Some ingredients include
 vitamin E
apricot kernel oil
lavender oil
grapefruit essential oil 

Pin Up Cosmetics Refresh-Lavender & Grapefruit Vegan Skin Serum

Visit the pin up cosmetics website and treat yourself or even your loved one!!
Don't forget all cosmetics are vegan!