Monday, 20 April 2015

Pet food the easy way!

I want to introduce you to my friends...of the furry kind! If you know me you know I adore animals to absolute pieces, part of the reason I volunteer at my local vets. So when I had the chance to work with I was delighted!!

Look at Simba so content with his treats!

If you have animals you know they take a lot of care and attention and loooove food, so for us ever busy humans what is the best way to keep our pooches' happy ?! Always having food in the house right?

Yes I know you are saying
"sometimes I forget, my mind is like a goldfish after a busy day at work"
" its too heavy to carry on the bus"
"there isn't a lot of variety in shops"
"my pet has a special dietary requirement"

Well you can stop those excuses right there because the solution has been found!
Everything you need for your pet that you may be too busy or too weak...(im not judging you for being weak but have you ever heard the wonders spinach did for Popeye?) to get in person can now be delivered at your door via

With free delivery on orders over £19.99 you can be well assured that you have all you need for your wonderful partner in crime, as well as food you can buy medicines, toys and bedding. From volunteering in a vets surgery I know that an animal can be a costly thing especially if they are unfortunate enough to be ill a lot. The prices here though are very reasonable and well stocked.

Pets that need that little extra care for a sensitive digestive system or even just for a beautiful shiny coat can look no further than the James Wellbeloved range, and I love this range because at a vets you come across animals that have these sorts of problems and sometimes find it hard to eat or even recover. So when you know that they are getting all the nutrients they need for a fast recovery you feel good too! Full of tasty flavours and an all natural healthy ingredients! Such a big hit at the surgery.

A little dry treat never did anyone any harm right? So why not let your pooch try Huntland Salmon grain free food! Some of the benefits of dry food is that it can help dental hygiene and keep build up plaque down which is so important in the life of a dog! You can also find lots of helpful information on the website which I find such a good pro of this site because sometimes you have questions and in a supermarket you cant get the answers you need! 

I don't know any dog that doesn't know the brand Bakers and also love the treats! These treats always seem to be a big hit with my doggie pals and are always a must have when Im trying to show off our talented dance routine, did you know if you use these treats there is a 80% chance you can get your dog to do the conga?! :)

What are you waiting for sign up H E R E  today and get ordering all those yummy treats !!!!

P.s. email me your photos of your pets conga moves & thank me later ;)